Do you remember this?

So there are a lot of conspiracy theories doing the rounds on why exactly Deshanta is leaving Osiris. The one closest to the truth has got to do with the little man in the picture. His name is :”WTF” and he was created by Shaan, Deshanta’s neighbor, colleague and brother from another mother.

WTF might look innocent but he’s been known to cause a lot of havoc, lately causing huge tidal waves in Ballito, where Deshanta once considered to go away on a girls weekend.

Here are some other conspiracy theories doing the rounds:

1) Desh is leaving to audition for the 6th Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the half Blood Prince.”

2) Desh is going to appear in the next Survivor South Africa and that’s why she’s leaving.

3) Desh is opening her own curry shop right here in Melrose Arch called: ‘Auntie Deshes hot hot curry’

4) She’s heading up the SEO department for Forward Slash.

5) She’s planning a shot gun wedding with Merv in Las Vegas (don’t ask me how she convinced Justin to give her his tickets)

6) While Zani, Susann and Ketna are in Ballito she’s kidnapping Susann’s cat in Ketna’s M4 and driving to Margate for a holiday on her own.

7) She’s gonna JUMP… down the rabbit whole to look for the real Merv and enjoy a real tea party