The tribe has spoken… It’s time for me to be on my way :-(

Alas Peeps,

It’s time for me to journey on and although parting is such sweet sorrow… Someone’s gotta’ do it 😛

No more dark screens, hair or multiple personalities to comment on – what are you guys going to do? hehehe

I’d like to extend a special Thank you to you all for the knowledge, experience and friendships that I have gained during my time at Osiris.

My gratitude goes out to the wonderful people at Osiris with whom I have shared so much and have become dear friends with. Each and every person here has shaped and touched my life in some way and I’m grateful for that. I believe that ‘every minute of every day, you are a part of everybody’. How true this motto is when you’ve worked for a company like Osiris 😉

Thank you to everybody who contributed so generously to my farewell gift – I deeply appreciate the kind gesture!

Holler at me anytime, and for those who I didn’t get the pleasure in meeting,

Goodnight and Good Luck!

Love and lotsa links,