Life without Desh

So Deshanta has been gone for only a few weeks and we’ve been recruiting new members for our tea club like crazy. But this has proven difficult since most of our initial members (yes you Ketna and Susann) have also left us.

So as they say desperate times calls for desperate measures and Nathan and Michael have tried their best to create new/innovative and downright ‘Dirty’ invitations for our 3 ‘o clock tea.

Apart from the Tea club something interesting also happened. Shaan couldn’t cope with sitting next to Deshanta’s empty chair for much longer so he followed the Voortrekkers example and went on his own groot trek to the edge of the Drakensburg (also known as the seats in Channel that face the canteen). To quote Shaan: “I really miss Desh, but what I miss the most about moving is the printer and its noises.”