Pieces of me…

I’m so excited about the opportunity to blog about my travels that I thought it best to tell you a little bit about this character that is joining the mix of enthusiasts on the Travelstart blog.

Getting_my_face_painted_at_moyo I hail from the sunny skies of Africa and was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. My name is Deshanta Naidoo and I work as a professional blogger and content manager for a growing social media and mobile company called Cerebra.

I am 24 years old, and being a young, up and coming technology fundi, I am fond of traveling to new and interesting places, meeting people from different places, and experiencing the diverse cultures that are out there.

At the moment I’m really excited to be working and earning an income that allows me to treat myself to holiday trips when, off course, accumulated leave days at work allows 😉

My previous holidays have all centered around getting to know the South African landscape a little better and I think it’s the best way to not only get acquainted with my country’s people, but to also use this knowledge to further share my experiences with others who would be interested in visiting South Africa.

I hope that my travel experiences will give you more insight and understanding to the South African mindset and one day, perhaps, you will come visit us and explore all the beauty and warmth that we have to offer as a nation.