Pamper yourself with treatments

I’d heard about Wax in the City from friends long before I paid them a visit to receive my free pedicure worth R150 in December. Now don’t be fooled Wax, as I fondly call it, is not like other beauty salons that you’ll find in South Africa.

Dsc02390The salon which is based in the banking mall of Sandton City is an international company that has franchises in most European and Asian countries, which includes, Rome, Singapore, New York and even coming soon is their Cape Town salon.

The decor of the salon has a slight Baroque style about it with middle-sized chandeliers draping their retro ceilings where one can see the construct of the building’s air conditioners, etc. You’re treated to a warm welcome upon entry where upon you are placed in the cozy waiting area before your treatment commences.

Wax in the City is a members-only salon where you are treated like royalty from the get go. VIP member get their own exclusive lounging area and do not have to call in to book treatments as the company’s motto is that they will VIPs without a doubt and within the 10 min waiting period that is used a grace period as a VIP steps into the salon.Dsc02395

All the lovely ladies that work at the pedicure, manicure and waxing stations are all trained to carry out whatever treatments are needed by the members. I absolutely love the concept and signed up after my delightful manicure experience. Their full body massages are heavenly, and they even offer threading and tanning options too.

For those of you who like the idea of the tan can, Wax in the City is the perfect option, as they have three tanning rooms with huge tans and are all elegantly named according to some of the best island settings in the world i.e. Copacabana, Miami, etc.

So go on treat yourself and indulge in some treatments at you local Wax in the City. It’s sure to be the perfect gift to start the New Year off with 😉

3 thoughts on “Pamper yourself with treatments

  1. Hi, Would just like to comment on the article on Wax In The City Sandton above, I am a VIP member since Feb 2008 and sad to say that I wished I never signed up, they have not kept to their VIP promise and I have waited on some occasions up to an hour for a treatment. They have also changed their policy without consent from clients that all VIP members need to phone and make an appointment even though these are guaranteed. What’s worse is that you can be sure that you will leave there after a wax with NO burning or bruising or large areas of unwaxed hair!!! The therapists are leaving by the day and us clients are unfortunately stuck till our year contracts expire!!They have decided to close for 2 days today without telling any of their clients so can you imagine my surprise when I was there for my morning appointment just before I start my summer holiday tomorrow, only to find the doors shut!I would NOT recommend that anyone sign up with them as they are unprofessional and do not understand the concept of customer service.


  2. Hi Anonymous, I recieved a disturbing sms today from Wax in The City, notifying me that they are going under liquidation.It appears they are faced with serious financial constraints, which is odd for a company that asked for copiuos amounts of money to be paid upfront for contracts that were taken out with them.I’m deeply disappointed with the jaded response I’ve received from the Managers when querying my contract with them recently and clearly the above-mentioned is the reason why.This is once again a case of a good concept gone wrong due to the overseers.


  3. hi, I’m writing you from singapore. We have an almost identical case here now – Wax in the City closed doors after signing up about 4,000 members citing financial constraints. I wonder if there is a link… are you able to, or anyone you know, find out who the business owners of Wax in Sandton were owned by? look forward to your reply.


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