Inhaca Island Heaven

During my weekend trip to Mozambique, it was my visit to the Inhaca Island, which is across the mainland of Maputo that really left an impression on me. We spent 2 and half days at Inhaca Lodge which is the only hotel type place on the island. It is well run by the Pestana Group and is the gateway for travelers visiting Inhaca from sea and sky. There are also other accommodation offerings on the island for budget travelers so you just have to inquire about camp sites or backpackers when you make a booking.Dsc02475

For those wanting to visit the island be sure to book your 15 min domestic flight at Mozambique International Airport with Transairways as they organize trips across the ocean to Inhaca island.

Now if an island getaway is just what you’re after then you don’t have to look further than your stay at Inhaca Lodge.

I’m not an extreme beach lover but this holiday definitely changed my mind about beach breaks.

The island is home to roughly a 2,500 population and in total, I must have only come across about 300 people on the island during my stay. The beach sand is so soft and the warmth of the Indian Ocean will definitely have one coming back for more 😉

Dsc02535There are a few tourist attractions to visit during your trip to Inhaca. We checked out the Portuguese Island which is a divine destination if you’re looking to just chill on the beach, suntan and swim in the sea as much as you want. Then there’s the Lighthouse beach, which Mozambique Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Indico, has named one of the 10 best beaches in Mozambique. If you Google, ‘Praia do Farol’, you’ll get more info on this one.

In my next post, I’ll let you in on the culture and the people of Inhaca.