A Visit to Praia do Farol

Okay so its time now to dip in and give you some idea of what the locals are like on Inhaca Island. Well to say the least, if hospitality is what you’re into then you’ll get more than you bargained for in Mozambique. The people are friendly and all so welcoming that you’ll never feel displaced even if you’re not at all familiar with Portuguese culture or the language.

Dsc02528On our second day on Inhaca we decided to seek out “Fabio”, a guy made famous by his natural ability to be the best tour guide on the island. I heard of Fabio from my aunt who had visited Inhaca about two years ago and was really touched by Fabio’s entrepreneurial skills that she promoted them back in South Africa.

Eugenio Fabio is only 16 years old and owns his own Yahama buggy vehicle which he uses to take tourists around the island to visit many a splendid destination. He has been taking people on tours since the age of 8 and he is well-known to all on the island. I admire young entrepreneurs that are making the most of what they’ve got and Fabio is considering the opportunity to expand his business so he needs all the tourist encounters he can get 😉Dsc02527

A trip around to the Lighthouse Beach with Fabio will cost roughly R260 and its well worth every penny as you not only get through the mangrove bush area is the zippy buggy, but the scenery up at the lighthouse is just amazing. Only Simoa, the lighthouse keeper seemed to be around when we visited and he was gracious enough to allow us a tour of the actual lighthouse, which is not for those scared of the dark as the steep, spiraling staircase up to the top of the structure is pitch black so be sure to keep your torch or cellphone handy.


The view from the top of the lighthouse was great as you could see the peripheral beaches on the island, and Simoa says sometimes in the summer months, one can spot dolphins and whales. There are no rapid currents and the waves on Farol beach looked idyllic and calm, just the perfect atmosphere to take a dip in 😉