Hanging by a pylon

A friend of mine sent me these sketches which no doubt grew out of the very frustration that is making a lot of people, including my dear friend, consider leaving South Africa. Eskom’s growing electricity woes have gotten everybody up in arms one way or the other and the fact that President Thabo Mbeki isn’t putting blame on himself and our government is a little more than despicable. Nevertheless, it’s the weekend and i thought you could do with a laugh, however muted it might be.

Eskom saga part 1


Eskom saga part 2


eskom saga part 3


eskom saga part 4


eskom saga part 5


eskom saga part 6


Eskom saga part 7


Here’s to paying for the electricity that our neighbouring countries received during the month of January while we were all left in the dark. Hooray for great business decisions, uhuh? And thanks goes to our government who can’t stop finding ways of squeezing every darned penny out of our lifeless hands. Let’s all wait for another dull political round of "pin-the-donkey", shall we?