SA music releases 2.0

I read about an artist who was going to use new age technology to release his debut album in South Africa. I didn’t really believe it until I saw an article on BizCommunity covering the subject.

It’s amazing how innovative people can be when they put their minds to it and I guess the artist ‘J’ is laughing all the way to the bank with a big smile on his face because he was the artist that started a trend.

Nowadays people are not only buying musician’s albums on CD, the new trend is to have multimedia with your album launch, for example, when the Parlotones, great South African band, recently released their new album. They had a DVD made of all their days in studio recording their album and also teamed up with Microsoft to present the Xbox 360 Summer Tour where they helped in promoting their new album as well as the Xbox around South Africa in December 2007.

Truly unbelievable what one can really do with music and technology, huh?