Blogging live and exclusive from…

Samsung Mobile have invited me to the launch party for SA Fashion Week which is sponsored by Sanlam. I’m quite excited to be attending as a blogger as these kinda’ events are usually reserved for mainstream media and there’s supposed to be a secret launch-within-a-launch to look out for at the event.

I guess with my journo/blogger reputation I get access to the best of both worlds so it’s going to be a great evening and I’m looking forward to seeing what Samsung Mobile has up their sleeves.

Tomorrow sees the official launch of Sanlam SA Fashion Week and this year is sure to bring the house down with the latest couture to hit SA’s runways as well as exclusive peak into this season’s hottest colours. Ooh, can’t wait! The Sanlam SA Fashion Week Autumn/Winter Designer Collections, was introduced in March 2007 for the first time and this event is run over the next two days (14 and 15 March 2008) at Museum Africa in Newtown. This is due to the fact that our winter season is not that long and the designers therefore "focus on producing capsule collections with strong, signature pieces", according to the SA Fashion Week website.

I’m going to be blogging live from the launch party tonight so keep your eyes peeled to the Samsung blog. I’ll put up a synopsis of the evening and what went down tomorrow so look out for it.

Now to go try on the four different outfits I’ve got sprawled on my bed – decisions, decisions 😉