Youtube’s Video Awards and the Right to vote

Ahead of commemorations for the South African public holiday on 21 March 2008 known as Human Rights Day, I thought it best to bring to your attention the basic human right of voting.

Under Apartheid rule, non-white people were not afforded the right to vote or have a say in anything that involved the rule of South Africa. That of course all changed in 1994 when we all, blacks and whites together, flocked to the polls to vote in a newly elected democratic government.

Now in the age of the Internet, people are allowed to exercise their basic human right to vote all the time! With so much choice and variety, users are constantly making choices and really owning the decision-making process.

It is with this ability to vote and make up one’s own mind that I urge you to check out the Youtube 2007 Video Awards! Go exercise your basic human right to vote by having your say in who should be the top of the pops on Youtube. Voting will close on 19 March 2008.