Pro20 Cricket Season begins!

I’m not much of a long term cricket fan but I remember the days my granddad would steal front row seats in the lounge in order to watch the game unrivaled by us kids. It was actually a great experience as my grandfather was very much into his cricket and he became quite boisterous when things weren’t going his team’s way.

I used to be enthralled just watching him jump up and down rumbling at the TV screen, but nowadays I’m sometimes caught reenacting those same movements that I found so funny about my granddad:-)

I like fast paced action and that’s the reason why Pro20 cricket appeals to me. It’s all about the action and chasing big scores which are built up by the 4’s and 6’s that are pummeled out by the fearless batsmen.

This year promises to be a super series and the excitement starts on 25 march 2008 and carries through for a month until the finals on 25 April 2008. For those of you who are not familiar with Pro20 cricket, it’s a new formula of cricket that was founded by Standard Bank South Africa and is all about the action and the concept of ‘sportainment’. The Pro20 series is a limited–overs tournament which has added another dimension to domestic cricket in SA and it involves 20 overs per innings where each match lasts approximately three hours.

See the Standard Bank website for more info.