Create your very own mobile widgets

WidSets mobile widget clientWidSets makes the availability of your web content easier to access, create and share. Nokia has made access to the WidSets mobile client easier with the application being pre-installed in upcoming S40 devices. One’s email accounts are also more accessible on your mobile device via the new fully loaded push email widget with standard POP and IMAP technology.  

You can create a personalized dashboard with WidSets, the enhanced mobile client. Users can use Widsets to move widgets around and search for widgets with ease. Take your creativity further with the new Mobile Studio where just about anyone can master the art of creating widgets to access their favourite newsfeeds. Users can even share their widget creations with friends, and Widsets allows you to bookmark and comment on interesting widgets to share for later use.

“The motivation behind these WidSets enhancements is for people to create and share their favorite internet content on their mobile devices as easily as possible,” said Jarmo Jokinen, director of WidSets, Nokia. “Today, 85 per cent of our our 4,000 plus widgets are user-generated. The more people make and share their own widgets, the more personal and connected their internet becomes.”  

You can visit via your mobile and download the service, read the FAQs and access bookmarks. To read more on WidSets, go to

First Published by Nokia Bulletin Board