Second Quarter 2008: What’s in store for me?

I thought it best to have a look at my progress in keeping at those New Year’s resolutions I set for myself at the beginning of this year. Seeing as we’ve moved quite fast into the second quarter of 2008 already, it’s best to reflect on the past 3 months and reassess what can be done to make life more enjoyable going forward.

I managed to achieve better eating habits and going to gym is now now something I look forward to every week. It’s amazing what a difference these changes have made to my appearance as well as my state of mind.

I thought it would be easy sticking to goal number two, but as time and loadshedding progresses, focusing on having more me time is harder and harder to achieve. I’ve realized how hard the balance is to achieve. Work at Cerebra has picked up pace and we’re currently looking to hire more people and we have moved offices to accommodate for this rapid expansion in growth. It’s amazing to be part of such a dynamic environment but like with all good things, there is a slight downside in that I’ve had to provision more time to focus on my career and of course that meant less time for myself and doing the things I like doing.

Going forward I plan to focus my efforts on cutting down bad habits that I have developed in order to better allow myself to have a life after work is over. It’s important to seek balance in order to maintain one’s all-roundedness. Loadshedding can lead to aiding these goals, but it can also lead to the detriment of these goals. After having a rather interesting conversation regarding SA’s current power outages with Merv and his parents, I’ve realised that it’s not good enough to sit back and watch the world change before your eyes, one has to really dig in and find ways to still be happy amongst the chaos created by our country’s energy crisis. We all need to look into a change in attitude as well as adapt to our power-less environment.

I’ve decided to start going to bed earlier considering loadshedding happens in my area from 6-10pm on a Mon, Wed and Friday night. I’ve had to juggle times for gym to fit into Eskom’s and Merv’s new working schedules. So all in all I’m on track and am making the 2nd quarter of 2008 work for me.

I’m glad Winter is coming soon because it’s time to whip out all those great books I’ve been meaning to read and allow myself to just be immersed in the wonderful world of reading. Bookclubs by their very nature are great but you need to be religious at them and I would like to give them a try again, but that first round didn’t go so well as perhaps I need to get a little older and hope for the best on that one 😉 I’ve decided to also not burn myself out by having too many things on the go, and it is for this precise reason that dance classes are going to happen later this year.

It seems picking this time of year to consider house buying might not have been the most ideal with the recent repo rate increase. No one really wants to consider giving banks the upper hand on a bond that will be governed by a 15% compounded interest rate. I guess Merv and I will have to rethink this strategy fast as it doesn’t seem that Tito Mboweni is going to budge in reducing the consumer crisis that is evident amongst South African citizens at the moment. All I can say on this front is just be aware of the rising costs of living in SA and earn more than you’re spending because ain’t nothing else going to help us get by than by being wiser than we have been with out money.