YWorld: a site for competing eyes

I’m not sure whether Yfm is trying to play at the co-opetition game or whether it’s just an oversight on their advertising department’s part to not have noticed the Google Adsense advertisements that have been running on their new website for more than three weeks now…

I hear the term ‘co-opetition’ when Mike mentioned it a year ago when referring to a particular project we were carrying out with a fellow competitor of Cerebra’s so in other words instead of going head to head for the business, we decided to work hand in hand with our competitor.

Back to the matter at hand though, is this what Yfm seeks to achieve by advertising 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 5fm on their YWorld website?

Yfm advertises competing stations on their site

I think it’s actually their own misguided stupidity when it comes to understanding the online media environment that has led to such an error in judgement – one of many that I’ve been privy too of late.

Just a week or two ago, a member of their ad/sales team was fired for taking part in a competition at a competing radio station – one of the same stations actually being advertised on their Y World website. Ironic huh?

Well clearly their advertising policy needs a re-look urgently as their sales and RAMS figures plummet further into the ground. Once-more the group of people in charge of overseeing their new supposedly jacked up website, need to be schooled in Google products and the correct use of them 😉

For a site that is aiming to be part of the Web 2.0 trend, they sure do lack arms i.e. the extensions that make social media viable. I mean for starters, there is only one blog run by the breakfast show and the site looks like a jumble sale. Off course RSS has not even occurred to them yet and well seeing as the use of social media networking tools has not yet set in – those are missing too. Ag, shame – better luck next time guys!

Perhaps it wasn’t just a shape-up of the programming line-up that was needed, but perhaps a more thought out attempt of how to properly run a successful media entity.