My Converse Shopping Spree

Please note: This mad buying power took place prior to yet another rate hike, and therefore it makes the trip all the more worthwhile. Muhahahahaha!


Okay. so now that I’ve gotten the madness and excitement out of the way, it’s time to show off the spoils of my bounty. I finally have bought two pairs of Converse shoes that fit likes dreams.


I was partly inspired to buy more Converse due to the fact that Cerebra is heading up the Converse blog as part of a collaboration with Youth Dynamix, but I’m also an avid Converse enthusiast so naturally I just wanted more of my favourite brand of shoe. By the way, Converse has just launched an awesome design competition that let’s you, the consumer, decide the look and feel of the next Converse shoe. Check out the "Trace Your Lace" competition which has started on the Converse blog this week.


Merv got me hooked on Converse and even though I wasn’t one of the early adopters, being a Skecthers gal in my childhood, I love Converse because of the comfort and versatile wear of the sneaker. I really adore the fact that I can dress my new pair of all-black All Stars or Chucks as they’re also commonly known, up or down.


I’ve already worn them to larnie events and they’re prime candidates in my wardrobe for work. Of course I didn’t enjoy the fact that I remind people of the ol’ policemen in the Apartheid era who used to chase black people home during curfew in their black laced up boots. What a terrify and horrible image to be left with (sorry Billie). I have to admit that I’m glad to be turning up that stereotypical image of an all black shoe because of course it’s how you wear your shoes that makes statements about who you are and where you come from…


Wearing Converse is a very powerful symbol of how one is socialised and I’m glad to exist amongst both punk rockers and ghetto youth who all adorn Converse sneakers in South Africa. It is a strong youth focused brand that surpasses barriers and offers people the opportunity to be part of a bigger picture – one filled with hope  and one that likes our new democracy and the change it’s brought for all South Africans.


So enough of the talk, let me show you how I walk the walk, check out these pics of my new Converse pairs below.


Converse shopping at Boo 
Black All Stars with black track top
white Converse tracksuit 
White lo-top Converse All Stars