Having a Wiily, Wiily great time

I’ve been feeling a little tied down with work and my list of resolutions that I set up at the start of the year that I haven’t had much time to think about being sociable, (apart from the convo’s that I have online of course), or having fun in the simplistic sense.


As winter draws near, instead of going into hibernation, I’ve decided that I want to stay active and have some good ol’ clean fun before I hit 25 and realise, that what most of my friends keep telling me, is actually true…Is life really a downhill rollercoaster when you turn 25 or older?


I’ve never believed that crap and I’m not about to start really, but I have to admit that what I’ve had to start questioning and the decisions for my life that I’ve had to consider seriously in the last two years, have led me to believe that there really is a step in life where you realise that instead of learning to grow, you actually have to make the change and grow up!


Well alas, I’m not completely about to let my youth go, and seeing as we have men amongst us who live well into their 40’s as bachelors and have a keen sense of which superhero they are and which rockstar they’d most like to emulate – why not open the door to childish exploration for all the women in the house who’ve been dying to unleash their inner gamer out!


To that end, I went ahead and treated myself to a Nintendo Wii over the weekend. On the onset my practical self cried in pain at the purchase due to the rising cost of living and blah, blah, blah. But I could not stop listening to the little song my inner child was singing in order to be set free. I must admit I think I might have set off a gaming demon because since Saturday, all I can think about is playing with my new friend, Hiro. Yes, I named my Wii after Hiro, the teleporter from the Heroes TV series 😉


I’m so psyched at my purchase and have been unleashing my Guitar Hero 3 skills, much to my Mom’s dismay (secretly I know she wants to play behind all the frontin’ she’s putting up). Being a competitive type, I of course am a big Wii Sports fan too. My firm favourites at this stage is tennis and boxing – not sure what it is about hitting things, but I like those games a lot!


Anyways here’s some pics of my new toy gadget, Hiro, and the pics I took of my Wii version of GH3.

My Wii, Hiro

Guitar Hero 3 

My Gibson guitar ;-)