Xenophobia : Depravity waiting to happen


Nelson’s post pretty much echoes the thoughts of many a literate and educated Black South African, myself included. Violence and torture seem to be so deeply ingrained in the South African mindset that the only way that our society wants to operate is a ‘kill or be killed’ motivation. 


It really is absurd to think that by beating, raping and killing all the foreigners we have in our townships that this will make them disappear from SA – what kind of logic could this be rendering?


The most absurd of all is that SA is made up of such a vast number of diaspora that the country unto itself is "foreign", by nature of the fact that our so-called "Rainbow Nation" is so diverse. So what’s next do all people living in South Africa by virtue of being given a geographical title like, "Asian" for example in their South African Identification documents, just walk out of a country just because we’re deemed foreign?


There’s nothing native about South Africa except the mindset of its people and that’s such a shame because we want to progress and we want all the great things that go along with living in a "First World" country, but resort to barbarianism to solve real-world problems.


Our Minister of Public Enterprises is now using the recent xenophobic attacks as an excuse to send more energy to our neighbouring countries, concluding that it is the "mere mindset" of the South African people that deems the business exchange of electricity for money, ‘xenophobic’ in focus. First of all I don’t think Mr. Erwin should be making light of the mindset of our ‘dear’ people considering the torture and vicious acts of violence they are currently perpetrating against the foreigners and immigrants in SA. W e don’t need government to add more fuel to an unwarranted fire.


Another factor that needs to be considered is how the rest of the African continent reacts to us, seeing as we’re no longer a "brother in arms" if the television coverage of our nation’s behaviour is anything to go by.


How do we, as a supposed host nation for the Soccer World Cup in 2010 and the looming African Cup of Nations in 2009, seek to "host" other African or any other nation if this is what we seek to do to the ordinary people who are for political or any other reason currently being displaced from their own country of birth, and ours too?


I’m not sure our nation has learnt anything in the past 14 years and neither have they realised what truly happened during Apartheid  and how it should never ever happen again to anyone!


Here’s a lesson in the mechanics of Apartheid that we need to face up to and deal with – Depravity! Black people were told and brainwashed to believe that they were no less than the dirt on a white man’s shoe. They were deprived of being seen as people with the kind of rights that all people in South Africa are given and can act on today. What that means is that instead of empowering ourselves to wipe clean the slate of nonsense that democracy has proved was ill knowledge, instead we’ve chosen to take on the role of the oppressor and in turn oppress others. 


Once again can you see the scenario forming in every facet of South African life? It hurts when you see the truth but it’s what you choose to do with it from hereon that will make the difference…


I hope many of you will stand up and march come Saturday, 24 May 2008 at 9am! There will be a march to support immigrants and protest xenophobia.This event is planned to start at Pieter Roos Park, cnr Empire and Queen, Parktown – north of Constitution Hill.