“Xheer Fear of Xenophobia”

My friend. Nelson Taimo wrote a rather thought provoking post on Facebook that I thought best to share with you.


"I can believe the things this world brings can’t believe that people that have been oppressed all their lives can turn around and do the same to others even though some of the countries these people are from helped to liberate these same people from the Chains of Apartheid.


I blame ignorance some ignorant people can’t stand to see other prevail despite not understanding what the person might have had to endure to get to where he is. This is why Black people as a race will never become the master but always be the slave because of this.And if someone from another country happens to become employed is it really the end of the world NO because end of the day he is striving in an economy which is not his making the local government even richer.


Do these people even know how difficult it is to get a job as a foreigner….? But again I blame ignorant Black people that can’t see past their own selfish ways today to look for a Tomorrow for all. Xenophobia is a disease it’s a poison which Inhibits people to see beyond a nationality, Not a Colour, Not a Gender but merely a place of Birth.


It’s sad because people are being taken advantage of not just Foreign Nationals but also Nationals who are having their homes ravaged because some people use Xenophobia as an excuse to Rape, Steal and Pillage from hard working individuals who have never wronged anyone.


If ever we as a people want to make Africa the pinnacle of this world we need to stop acting as slaves and become masters and support initiatives Like the AU and NEPAD. I don’t need a visa to go to Brazil but I need to wait 4 weeks to visit a neighbouring country…. It doesn’t make sense in my mind could it possibly make sense in yours.


When South Africa was in turmoil during apartheid times and the western world had turned a blind eye to the apartheid regime ruling this nation the ANC’s freedom fighters would hide in the neighboring countries like Mozambique and other places such as Zambia while they devised strategies to help them over throw the Oppressor. Now the seeds of these same people look at the foreign nationals like a plague… They complain about jobs which are being taken but would this nation be so great had the ruling party not had assistance from other countries that had democracy way before 1994.


Everybody has the right to question something which they feel is not right. If you are anti – apartheid then you march if you are anti – racism then you march, If you are pro human rights then you march, You want better working conditions so you march. But you don’t like foreigners taking your jobs in a country that has a skills shortage SO YOU KILL."


Thank you Nelson for allowing me to share to your point of view with others as this is a very important subject considering the recent spate of violence against foreigners and immigrants in South Africa.