“Be Kind Rewind” – a lesson in social media

I’ve just been to the funniest art nouveau film I’ve watched in a long time. What made my movie-going experience that much better is that I received a valuable lesson on social media, which my simple night out with friends, a remarkable one.


Apart from getting to see friends I hadn’t seen in a while, I watched "Be Kind Rewind", a comedy starring infamous funny man, Jack Black, Danny Glover and the muso, Mos Def. The cast, for me, stirred up a realistic portrayal of what I think people on the street see as communal interaction, but what we, in the web 2.0 space call "social media".


Unbeknownst to the crowd that had gathered to watch a film about a community’s need to hang onto their recollections of the past lived in their small, interknit community, the movie also raised important themes about film as a genre and how it can be told and relived through the viewer’s eyes, and sometimes even beyond the medium itself. In this movie’s case, the technology behind VHS and its modern counterpart DVD is brought to light by the acts of ‘sweding’.


I’ll leave the quandry of what the movie echoes for the film industry and what makes a film just that to the learned critics out there. What I want to explore is the film’s powerful presentation of user generated content and how social media comes into play by affording ordinary people the chance at creating their own ‘movies’ in this case.


Of course in the age of computers and lightning-speed broadband, anyone can just about claim their part in a leading role on Youtube and other tools being used like, blogs and podcasts. All with the purpose of giving ordinary citizens the chance to stand up and be heard.


It has to be noted though that as much as "Be Kind Rewind" lends itself to the exploration of what social media is all about, it also in essence is the up turn of just that due to the fact that the actual movie is the mainstream medium used to mass market a message to the public – one could say almost the antithesis of what ‘social media’ stands for.


However the marketing is well thought out and incorporates social media into its package. Go have a look at the "Be Kind Rewind" movie website, Wikipedia page and even a swinging ‘sweded’ Youtube channel. If you have 2 hours to be entertained and would like to walk away utterly amused, take some time to check out the movie and share your thoughts here with me.