Buzz Lightyear: my new puppy

So everyone keeps asking me what’s been keeping me so busy of late so I thought I’d share in my joy for the moment. Two weekends ago, my Mom came home after a weekend away in Wakkerstroom with a little puppy who was graciously given to her by a family she met picnicking at the place my family had stayed at.

Buzz LightyearWell anyways to make a long story more interesting – a new Jack Russel puppy has entered the pen so to speak and he has been dubbed Buzz Lightyear.

Surprisingly he’s learnt to be paper-trained quite fast and loves string which makes me think he could be a sly cat, but overall, he has the inquisitive nature of a terrier breed and definitely is a tenacious thang.

He is a clever little fella and packs quite a bite so shoes beware! I thought I’d share in my excitement because if there’s anything that makes me happy is the play time with my dogs. Now all four of us dart around the yard, playing catch or just enjoying the Winter sun with a mini garden picnic.