Time flies and then you’re 25…

I can’t believe how fast the first half of this year has flown past. I always use my birthday as a measure or halfway point to check my goals and must say that I’m happy with having at least stuck to most of the goals I’ve set for myself this year.

Though I may not be going to gym regularly right now, I am proud that I broke the cycle of laziness and have become active – whether it’s playing sport on my Wii, running with my new puppy in the garden or going for a solid training session to gym – it’s a great improvement from doing absolutely nothing for so many years of my life.

I’ve also managed to finish a book in a two months, which is better than leaving half read one’s all over the place, and even out some of what I’ve learnt into action from said book.

I’m also trying to be more energy conscious and try to do my bit for the environment by going organic with some beauty products that I’m using and I also have not opted for turning on my oil heater yet. I try to dress up as warmly as possible so there’s little need for anything else except a nice thick blanket when I’m at home.

I’m also using my indoors time to really get to grips with the mounds of media that’s available to me – from series, great documentary festivals and  movies – I’m really trying to catch up on my fav media. I’ve just finished with Army Wives and want to watch movies that I’ve been wantng to see for ages now – Half Nelson, the Kite Runner and Knocked Up are on the list for the immediate moment.

Otherwise I love winter because it signals a time for some personal introspection as June 26th is my birthday, and so I take time out to appreciate how much I’ve grown up thus far, and to a certain extent how much I’m still a child of life – willing and able to learn. Of course it also means a grand time to really focus on what I want and making myself happy, and I love haninging out with friends and family 😉