Brand Ambassadors: The e-True story

I like the fact that the Net has taken the concept of branding and brand ambassadors to a whole new level. I’d like to elaborate on my statement a little so bear with me.

Take Apple’s Steve Jobs or Microsoft’s Bill Gates for examples, no one would care for who they were if they didn’t run these two multi-billion dollar brands. They could be considered icons synonymous with the brands just as much the little apple logo or that funny box thing of Microsoft’s.

One level from mainstream brand ambassadors, are the brand mavens who are the type of people who’d swear blind loyalty to a product that it would be hard not to be affected by their excited and infectious nature. Our tech guys at the office are true Mac mavens and you’d never catch them saying anything negative towards the products even though both their fairly new machines have had to go in for repairs in recent months. They are the die hard fans who love a product to its core – much like steadfast Coke drinkers šŸ˜‰

Then a tier below the mavens are the ordinary people who marketers are now targeting. It is because marketers are realising the power that people like you and I have over others in our inner circles. That’s why social media marketing has become so effective – think and you’ve got the key to brand spin right there – people choose their products based on good reviews and reccommendations.

The key is that ordinary people too can be groomed into brand mavens and in this regard, we enter the brand ambassadors amongst us.