‘To share or not’: Youchuse

I watched a really fascinating and thought provoking documentary tonight entitled, "Youchuse". The video focused on the "digital divide" between developing nations to those in the First World. While it’s not simply a case of the ‘haves’ versus the ‘have nots, the film seeks to explore the subject matter from a user standpoint, and by doing so, opens the floor to all producers of information in the age of digital technology.

It’s an extremely interesting documentary that I recommend you share with others because by its very nature, the video seeks to highlight one’s understanding of the motto, ‘sharing is caring’…Not only does it raise awareness on topics such as, digital IP and the notion of ‘share economies’, it is also an eye opener of what it means to belong to a global village that enjoys knowledge sharing i.e. the Internet 2.0 phenomenon. Like the movie, "Be Kind and Rewind", the heart of this doccie is at the root of our industry and is meant to be shared and reflected upon.

On speaking to the directors during the QnA session which was held after the screening, I got to unpack others views of the ICT industry and how open source standards are moving to the fore in South Africa. Anita Khanna and Rehad Desai, the directors of "Youchuse" spoke openly about their preparation of the documentary and why they want it to belong in the public domain. Their belief is that no-one stands more to gain from the debates and the ensuing discussions after watching this film than a public of information sharers and creators whose public works are constantly on display on the carte blanche canvas called the World Wide Web.

I think this piece of media can be used to propagate further thinking on the topics covered in the film as well as others of importance too. So please feel free to post your insights and learnings right here if you too checked it out. For those who haven’t here’s a sneak peek of the trailer that you’ll find on Youtube.