Kid and Teen Republic Conference 2008

I’ll be attending the second day of a conference which is aimed at an audience that wants to successfully market their brand to teens and do it responsibly. The Kid and Teen Republic Conference caught my eye whilst browsing the Web a few weeks back and considering I help market youth oriented brands like Converse, Samsung and Toyota – it seems a valuable one to attend for this reason alone.

One thing to also take into consideration is the amount of clout and influence teens, tweens and kids today have over their parents who inherently have the buying power. It’s no wonder that mass media and advertising have shifted their way of thinking in coming up with clever campaigns that market to the youth in unique ways.

Of course there’s bigger and better opportunities than mainstream marketing which lies on and off the Web, and which seeks not only to promote but allows the youth to engage with products and services.

The Converse Century and Samsung Mobile blogs bear testament to this enriching formula of social media platforms as its allowed youth who are interested in and who are the true brand custodians to get involved and participate in the building of a brand’s identity on the Internet. True brand mavens can unleash a brand’s full potential by using platforms such as blogs, Mxit and even Facebook pages to really get involved and express their passion and insight into a brand.

But I’m sure these media are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring just what is it exactly that teens are into, and that’s why I’m popping over to the Balalaika Protea Hotel for this conference tomorrow. I hope its going to be a compelling day filled with insight and enlightenment 🙂