Getting back in the game…

Dear Reader,

Apologies for the lack of activity on my blog in recent months. I took a long time-out from blogging due to my lack of faith in the process to be honest and some personal reasons too.

During my time away I turned to writing offline and getting back in touch with other pursuits like that make me happy, like reading and research. I’ve gained fresh, new perspectives on why and what I aim to blog. Of course finding the meaning in why I would like to continue blogging for me, personally, has allowed me to take a different approach to "Deshanta’s World".

I started this blog 20 months ago with the idea that it would be a means to help educate, inform and entertain you as well as myself in the quest for growth and knowledge about social media, life in South Africa and the media landscape in general.

I’m not a typical ‘blogger cum geek’ type of person – if a subject strikes me as interesting or something stirs my proverbial ‘pot’, I flow with it in the hope that YOU, the reader will enjoy my work. Perhaps even get involved by leaving a comment and start a discussion or two?

So it’s with this in mind that I’ve decided to try a new approach to blogging this year. I’m all about good conversations that inspire and drive people to speak out so I’m going to make choices towards properly engaging you as opposed to just giving a good piece to read.

To this end, check out my next post. I’d love to know what you thoughts are on the  subject 🙂


Yours sincerely,