My awakening

I went through the ringer last year and am happy to say that out of the ‘muck-muck’ as Tenacious D put it, I came out of 2009 with some fantastic insight into life and how I want to lead it going forward.

I let go of some anxieties that have plagued me always and turned myself around so to speak. I finally learnt the meaning of fun and as the journey of self-discovery got easier, I began to understand what it is to relax, kick back and just enjoy life for the moment as opposed to living in the ‘rat race of beyond’.

As a woman, you don’t truly understand the beast that is all of the emotional phobias and body complexes you carry around with you, and this burden grows with you all your life if you don’t break it down to the core and finally kick it to the curb.

Confidence in who I am and how I look has always been worrisome until I chose to take a deeper look at why this is and finally face my demons. I can tell you that however scary a process that was or how ill I felt having to ‘fess up to the way I’ve treated myself and others in the past, it was the best damn thing I’ve done for my life up till now. And I’m so proud of myself for sticking it out because I’ve become stronger, healthier and I feel like I own it now. (G**, this is starting to sound like a ill-written rap song. haha)

As a reminder of the hardest journey and this awesome blossoming of a really strong, savvy person with gusto and finesse, I got myself a constant reminder – my tattoo.

I’ve always wanted to get ink done but never had a really good reason until now, and after watching numerous episodes of “Miami Ink”, I understood how truly important it is having a rationale for leaving a permanent mark on one’s body.

I’m extremely happy with the way my tattoo turned out and am happy that it bears testament to a real flourishing journey – one that will be honoured and remembered forever.