Sport: Bringing SA together, one game at a time

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being just one of many South Africans to enter the newly reconstructed Soccer City stadium in Nasrec, Johannesburg.Soccer fever

It’s an amazing piece of architecture that can seat 94,000 people at capacity and resembles a dried-out calabash that’s commonly used to serve traditionally brewed African beer to elders within a tribe.

This happened to be my first attendance of a local soccer match and boy was I impressed. The crowd’s enthusiasm and excitement over the aesthetics of the revamped stadium and towards the actual game itself was electrifying, and added to that, the joyful spirit created all-round for the love of sport was an awesome spectacle to be part of.

I’m really in awe of how sport proves over and over again to be the best unifying conduit in bringing our nation closer together.
Now more than ever I’m amped and rearing to go as football fever kicks into overdrive just 18 days before the FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off on my home soil.

Being at that stadium on Saturday just made me realise how much South African culture is apart of me as I’m apart of it, and it’s amazing to see people’s attitudes change when faced with rip-roaring positivity and sheer jubilation that can come out of being around people that just want to make a difference and also at the same have geared towards opening themselves up to experiencing something different.

It just sometimes may come as a surprise to those who reside with the borders of our great country that we are a young nation filled with the possibility to change for the better and be awesome for it.