Keeping it simpler, better and faster in 2011

Article first posted on Cerebra’s website

The movement towards the semantic web is gaining momentum and with it comes a new brief to online writers worldwide. Context becomes inherently important in writing for the Web, and so too, will the development of further micro-blogging standards.

Tiffany Markman illustrates her foresight of this year’s writing trends one can come to expect in the South African marketing space. I to agree with her in respect of the development of principles for bite-size content on and off the web. The strategic guidelines with which companies start to utilise their engagement on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook will also become more refined, as more is understood about the key audience and influencers on these platforms.

Hopefully the adoption of a ‘say it like you mean it’ attitude will carry through in the conversations that businesses conduct online, which will be a welcome move towards allowing the personalities behind big brands to shine through as opposed to hiding behind the static corporate ‘voice’, as many of us have experienced in the past.

The biggest disposition for writers in 2011 is to identify your voice and use it to enhance the Web. Simply put, whether you’re writing for yourself or an audience – the aim for you is to keep the written word simple, communicate to audience more clearly and to keep the conversation moving.