Reigniting a Passion

It’s been a long, 4 year hiatus since I wrote anything on my blog. I have written and shared my views on other platforms all this while, but I have to admit that after absent-mindedly deleting the database for this blog a while back, it’s been a mission to get it up and running again.

All I want to is write
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I just didn’t have the energy required to want to will myself to committing to the process of blogging because work and life had other ideas and were constantly competing for my time that I didn’t see a way forward to jumpstart this whole practice.

It hurt a lot that I couldn’t tear myself away from other social networks and focus on getting my words out in a constructive way, but I’m here now and I guess that’s all that matters.

I’m ready to commit to writing regularly again as it is one of my favourite pastimes, and this time I’m not putting any limitations on the kind of information and insight that I plan to share.

This post is a notice of my intent and it will be a reminder to me to stay true to my word. You can call it a means to reignite a passion or a simple I’m sorry for having neglected my blog for all this time 🙂