Customer Service is a Changin’

Customer Service
New Customer Service Channels
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I was browsing Facebook a few weeks ago and noticed an interesting post from Telkom about their updated customer service channels. It looks like mobile apps, SMS, online ticketing and social media channels are now being included in their fault reporting and customer service line-up.

It’s great to see a South African company making good use of the opportunities afforded to them with the advent of social media and digital marketing in ways that truly reflect the need to help assist customers in their consumer journey.

It shows a growth in perception of what marketing tools can do for the reputation of a brand, and indicates a real move towards being a social business where the company starts to adopt social media as means to really interact and connect with their customers. It also shows a positive move by South African companies to take digital marketing more seriously as opposed to a few years ago where they still seemed non-committal to adopt new ways of communicating and engaging with their audiences.

Companies have decided to throw real spend into digital marketing to keep their customers buying and happy. It also echoes a tangible way for them to integrate their marketing and sales teams. In a ‘State of Social Media’ study conducted last year by World Wide Worx and Fuseware about social media budgets, we see an increase in demand for bigger marketing budgets as a direct correlation to the increase in social media usage at South African companies.

State of Social Media in South Africa 2014
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Whatever the reason is for companies moving towards an inclusion of new media in their consumer relations, I like it and am happy that brands are adopting social media as a means to have conversations with their customers. It’s a WIN-WIN for both parties 🙂