Sugar Man: The Con

Image Credit to Harpers Choice

I thought the title to this post was apt in light of my discovery that a well-known brand of so-called “Organic, No Sugar Added, No Added Fat, Gluten Free, Paleo-Diet friendly” chocolate turned out to be a complete fraud! Those of you looking for juicy gossip on Rodriguez best avert your eyes as you will find no such titillation here ūüėČ

I consider myself an informed foodie that makes quite savvy decisions about every morsel that I consume. I have Insulin Resistance you see, and whilst that may be a pain in the ass for some, I count myself lucky to be diagnosed at 21 with loads of time to correct bad eating and lifestyle habits to overcome my dis-ease.

In my journey for healthy foods and exercise, I’ve been down many paths and the one that has stuck the most is a need for organic, wholesome veggies and produce that fit my holistic look at health and well-being. Enter stores like The Organic Emporium, Jackson’s Real Food Market and my favourite online store, Faithful-to-Nature.

I’ve shopped at some of these places for years and others are new additions to my Saturday morning routine all the while hunting and gathering products that would aid me in my quest for lower Insulin levels.

In my foraging, I came across three brands of locally produced chocolate that blew my mind because they are¬†made from raw cacao or cocoa and contained ‘natural sweeteners’ that were low GI and therefore better than the regular store-bought dark chocolates on the market. I thought I had truly hit the jackpot because these chocolates tasted great and were truly good for me in that they didn’t spike my Insulin levels and cause me to gain unnecessary weight. I was wrong about that.

This evening I discovered that one of the chocolatiers,¬†Le Chocolatier South Africa has put ingredients into their product (not previously listed on their food labels until just last week) that has taken their¬†chocolate from healthy and acceptable snack to downright pure refined sugar overload in one bite. I mentioned earlier that the label on the previous¬†cover of their 70% Dark Chocolate bar reads¬†“Low Carb and Sugar Free” – it turns out based on consumer-funded lab tests that were recently conducted that the 100g slab of¬†Le Chocolatier 70% Dark Cocoa actually has 27.2g of sucrose per 100g of chocolate – that’s grams of PURE SUGAR!!

Image credit to Le Chocolatier SA
New 70% Dark Choc Food Label
Image credit to Le Chocolatier SA
Old 70% Dark Choc Food Label










The Le Chocolatier owner, Daniel Waldis of Stellenbosch vehemently denies adding any sugar to his product but has since retracted this statement to him now using a new formula which adds “Honey Powder” to some of the chocolate types he produces, whilst also having been quoted as saying that since taking over ownership of the existing company that he was not aware that sugar was added to his product. What a load of hogwash!

I’m upset at the fact that I’ve eaten this chocolate for the past two months and it has wreaked havoc on my sugar and Insulin levels, and unbeknownst to me that is why I’ve had such sugar cravings of late despite being on a very low carb high fat diet!

There are many people who have suffered at the hands of this unscrupulous businessman who clearly doesn’t care too much about the organic community or the state¬†of the people who consume his product for health reasons. He is a despicable human being who needs to be brought to book¬†for the great injustice that he has impressed on the South African consumer.

I feel well and truly hoodwinked, but I’m glad that I’ve chosen to educate others about the¬†the need to pay¬†attention to food labels and not to take things at face value. I too have learnt how important it is to even question the local organic food producers about their products to make sure that integrity is kept within this community and to make damn sure that something like the great ‘Organic Sugar Free Chocolate Scam of 2015‘ never happens again!

If you’d like more information or would like to get an organic product tested to ensure its integrity, please visit the TOPIC Facebook page. It’s full of useful information and insight into a growing industry that needs to be consumers- and experts- regulated.