10 years of Greening

My favourite online store celebrated 10 years of presence last week, and this got me thinking about my greening journey and where it all started because it was, in fact, finding the Faithful-to-Nature (FTN) website that pushed me down this particular rabbit hole 😉

So as FTN celebrates its successful enterprise and existence, I too would like to honour the 10 years of learning, discovery and growth that I have undergone in going green, joining the Jozi Food Revolution and trying to make my place on this planet a better space.

I wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy of ‘Paying It Forward‘ – it first starts with YOU and being able to seek enlightenment of the true self, thereby making it easier for you to influence the change of consciousness in your home, then moving on to influence friends and acquaintances, and eventually ending up with concentric networks of social change agents within your communities of interest. Enlightenment starts in the heart and once you have a change of perspective, it is easier to see things for what they truly are instead of what society wants you to think.

I have a passion for writing and for good conversations and I try to use my gifts to share stories of change and hope to show people a different way of being. I’d like to think that my life is also a testament to seeking that which is best for this planet and its inhabitants as far as possible.

So my journey began when I landed on the Faithful-to-Nature website and got introduced to the Esse and Victorian Garden range of beauty products. At the time, I was hunting for a natural skincare range that would help me with my problem skin and ‘adult acne’. FTN, however, is not just a site for purchasing organic and natural products, it is an excellent resource for the green movement. And so it opened up a treasure trove of information for me about going organic,  being free of harsh chemicals, practising being kinder to the earth and living in a more harmonious manner on the planet.

I also credit Urban Sprout for my early education into composting, recycling, upcycling, reducing my carbon footprint and eating more sustainably.

So I started experimenting with composting, growing my own vegetables (ask my mum about Project Veggie Patch ;-), opted for organic skincare, started learning more about food and made some significant lifestyle changes.

Fast forward to 2012 to when I moved into my own home and turned up the greening volume to include eco-friendly products to clean my house and organic pet treatments so that the whole family was looked after naturally.

I have now added an additional layer of sustainability by sourcing organic seasonal produce and pastured or grass-fed meats from local suppliers and am in support of an industry of growing independent farmers and food producers.

10 years on, I am glad to find myself part of a community of people who are looking towards the future with great promise and delight because we have banded together to learn from each other, and to adapt to the ever-changing scenarios that we find ourselves living in. It’s been a roller-coaster ride that has been hairy at times, but ultimately, I am grateful that this is my path and that I am able to share my story with you.

In the coming months, I have great plans to start sharing my top tips, life hacks, insights and parts of this green journey that I think you will find interesting. I think it’s time that the world hears my stories and learns from the messages that they bring. If you enjoy them and want to add your voice to the cause, please leave a comment below. And if you know me well and think there’s a particularly good quip I could share with others, please mention it here so I can cover it in future posts 🙂