Levelling Up

I am determined to get back into a normal eating regimen that includes consuming vegetarian meals at night because it is said to be better for the gut, and helps your liver recover from the heavy processing of meat during the day. That is why I have decided to take part in the 30 Day Veggie Challenge that Faithful-to-Nature (FTN) has introduced this month.

It’s been a tumultuous time for me food-wise due to being sick and developing some pretty severe food sensitivities. In the past six weeks, I have shifted my food habits quite drastically and have to change what I eat on a rotational basis to reduce further food sensitivity whilst I help heal my gut with strong doses of digestive enzymes, probiotics and anti-fungal/antibacterial supplements.

It has not been easy and I have felt quite literally sapped of all energy, especially with having to pay such close attention to every morsel that I have consumed in the past 6 weeks.

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t stress me out because for years seeking out healthy foods that would nourish my body has occupied a large part of my head space, so it is a combination of feeling ill all the time, and not being able to be very creative with my food that has driven me insane, and made me feel rather stuck and unhappy.

The food sensitivities are pretty extensive and combined with trying to heal from an overgrowth of Candida albicans in my gut, I am severely limited to the kinds of vegetables and fruit I’m allowed to eat for the next 6 months.

Enter the Owl Challenge, which FTN so graciously included into the competition mix to accommodate my personal goal 🙂 Starting 14 November 2016, I will attempt to dine on vegetables and plant-based proteins every night for 30 days to raise awareness about vegetarianism and how it can help counter global warming because plant-based food production costs the earth less than trying to cultivate animals for human consumption. This food challenge will allow me to push myself and hopefully level up on the health front.

I don’t think I’d be able to truly go vegetarian seeing as most veggies are very carbohydrate-dense and I’m Insulin Resistant (IR) – meaning I cannot consume a lot of carbohydrates at all because of the release of sugar that spikes glucose levels in the blood, which thereby drives up a high insulin response. This creates a negatively compounding cycle of spikes, weight gain and inflammation among other things. So it’s safe to say that low carb, healthy fat and moderate protein type meals better suit me as a chronic IR sufferer.


Image credit to EcoGemGem
Image credit to EcoGemGem

This doesn’t mean however that I’m not willing to change my diet to include more rich plant-based proteins and foods that will create a more robust and less fragile way of eating since in the past three years I have given up all refined and processed foods containing sugar, legumes, all grains and soy products, dairy with the exception of fermented kefirs and yoghurt, and most recently eggs have had to be added to that list too.


There’s not a lot I can eat which makes eating out very tricky, but I’m working on building a good list of restaurants that I can visit that will oblige my queer tastes and food preparations to avoid getting sick after every social occasion.

Needless to say, I’m really excited by the Veggie Challenge and hopefully getting back to eating my version of ‘normal’ will be good for me and help the planet. Since today marks World Kindness Day, I want to dedicate my Challenge to ‘Being Kind to Every Kind’, which includes being kinder to myself.