Good Omens: A Must-Watch Series for the Environmentally Conscious

Good Omens

I feel right silly for having had a copy of Neil Gaiman’s and the late, Sir Terry Pratchett’s book, ”Good Omens” on my shelf, and never got a chance to read it. Well, I started watching the series on Amazon Prime Video on the day of release (May 31st), and I am thoroughly enjoying the show.

Good Omens
Image Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Gaiman is one of the Executive Producers of the show, and the series is cinematic magic – so well scripted, the references to 21st Century environmental disasters are apt, and I am enjoying the all the creative aspects of the show.

I think the show does well to reveal the Climate Emergency and subsequent response to it. I love the metaphors used, and it takes a pure stroke of creative genius to weave multiple complex references together so seamlessly, I might add.

I’m down to the last episode of the season, and I am looking forward to listening to the audiobook soon.

Series watching aside, it is ironic that I have heard so much about the magic of Gaiman’s and Pratchett’s books from friends and colleagues, but have yet to pick up and read their material. I do, however, admire their writing prowess immensely, having seen their interactions with fans on social media.

The closest I have gotten to Pratchett’s work is having owned and played the Discworld board game. I adore the game and have eyed out its sister game, ’The Witches’, which I have heard, can be played by one’s self. 🤓

And I’ve also been following the other Amazon Original show of Gaiman’s called ’American Gods.’ I thought the last season of that show ended abruptly. And dare I say, it is not as gripping as Good Omens is.

Please offer up more social commentary of our world through fantasy stories soon please, Mr. Gaiman. 🙏

We need more of these stories pervading popular culture en masse for the world to recognize that the #ClimateEmergency is not a drill.