The Power of Intention

Intention Setting

This week has been great for the setting of intentions. Firstly the potency of a New Moon fuels my ability to dream into the vision for myself a little easier and secondly, it catalyzes my feminine wisdom when I am in the ME time of my cycle, i.e. the seasons of inner autumn and inner winter.

Two activities have always supported the setting of my intentions: reading and writing. They are the core components of my self-care practice and my most favourite pastimes. This most likely is due in part to having a natural curiosity for life. And by acquiring more knowledge of the world, I started to spiritually reflect on who I am, thereby becoming more self-aware.

Intention Setting
Right now, I am preparing myself to attract the type of work I would like to do while simultaneously refuelling my energy wells after the move to Toronto and creating a new home base from scratch.

I am listening to Chapter 5 of Oprah Winfrey’s new book, “The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose.” The Chapter entitled ’Maps’ and it full of AHA moments about the power of intentions and how you have to follow your plans dispassionately and not hold on to a particular outcome or control how it comes about.

An essential aspect of the Universal Law of Attraction is specificity for the intention you wish to pursue. The more specific you are with the Universe on what you want, the more likely it is that when it happens, you are delighted because it is precisely, what you intended it to be.

You need not get stuck in the details of how it’ll happen – the Universe decides how best to serve up the goodness. All these factors will ensure that you work consistently towards making your dreams come true. Of course, trust and faith play a role in this process, and that’s why believing in your intentions coming true and have a pure heart behind why you need these intentions is vital.

And this my friends is how you conquer your fears and let your heart lead you to your soul’s purpose. For it is in the heart that love is made and in the diaphragm that courage is brewed; leaving the head to steer you towards the life you want that is rooted in a greater good.

I realized that I want to bring joy by writing and speaking my truth so that I stand as my true, authentic Self and be valued for who I am – a truth speaker and wise woman.

Last night, I trialled Intention Setting within a group of women, and it was a fantastic experience. I listened to an interview of Lynne McTaggart’s during the recent Women’s Wellness Council, where she talked about her Intention Experiments in helping people heal from chronic health conditions and other life circumstances. Her new book, ”The Power of Eight” is where she talks about the healing power of the mind-body connection within a small group of people who set their healing intentions on someone else instead of themselves. This selfless act has the ripple effect of bringing about feelings of wellness and healing for those involved in the act itself as well as the person who has made their intentions known to the group.

So I wanted to try it out, and I’m glad I did. Today, I am feeling lighter mentally and affirm that there is such power in women communing together to set intentions for the healing of another human being, altruistically. The act of communing and connecting with others who are facing health challenges that affect every aspect of their livelihoods is heartwarming and made me feel like I am not alone in this struggle for freedom.

It also made me feel good about myself because I am helping someone in need through the simple act of asking the Universe to heal them from their affliction.

It also made me think that this is similar to the act of religious prayer in groups. I have witnessed and been part of the same ritual in a Christian cell group, seen this type of ’intention’ set for the departed soul during Hindu funerals (ceremonial rites) and have heard my Muslim friends talk about including others as part of their ’duas’ (prayers).

And since I am ”a spiritual being having a human experience,” to quote Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, I firmly believe in the power of intentions as a force for good on the planet. My healing journey has brought me to understand further the spiritual aspects of my pain body, but that’s a post for another day 😉