About Me

Hello and welcome to a playground for my thoughts, a blog about my thoughts on South Africa, social media, travelling, happiness and social change.

My name is Deshanta Naidoo and I have lived and worked in the fast-paced ‘City of Gold’ aka Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a digital strategist who helps companies understand the use of social media marketing for business and how to effectively manage a brand’s reputation online with good content strategy and active community engagement.

I am a passionate and innovative digital marketer with 11 years of local and international work experience. My love for writing, people and technology have laid a formidable foundation for my growth and development in digital strategy, social media implementation, content marketing and data analysis. As a digital marketing strategist, I thrive in immersive environments where I can solve problems, share my ideas and collaborate with others to make a meaningful impact on a business.

I love to travel and reading is a favourite pastime. I have an extensive music collection that showcases my diverse tastes and I enjoy eating healthy foods. The vast possibility of the Internet; how it helps people explore and make meaning out of their worlds, fascinates and enlightens me.

Thank you for dropping by to join my adventure 🙂

Disclaimer: All opinions/perspectives expressed on this blog are purely my own, and have absolutely no relation to those held by my employers/clients.

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