About Me

Hello and welcome to the playground for my thoughts.

I love writing and am passionate about being a good communicator. My blog is a space for me to share my ever-evolving journey on the planet.

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and now live and work in Toronto, Canada.

I love to travel to learn and soak up different cultures and reading is a favourite pastime. I have an extensive music collection that showcases my diverse tastes and features artists from all over the world.

I enjoy eating healthy foods. The vast possibility of the Internet; how it helps people explore and make meaning out of their worlds, fascinates and enlightens me.

My musings and social commentary are informed by a professional background as a radio journalist, digital marketer, social media content producer and strategist.

Thank you for dropping by to join my adventure 🙂

Disclaimer: All opinions/perspectives expressed on this blog are purely my own, and have absolutely no relation to those held by my employers/clients.