In Msanzi, on several occasions, I was offered a lot of money to grow my hair so it could be turned into a weave for a colleague’'s wife or girlfriend. I turned down these inappropriate propositions because hair is a spiritual extension of the body in some cultures, including my own (I am Tamil).

Food for Action

I took part in my first Protest action with Greenpeace Africa last week.🤗 I could not be on the frontlines with the rest of the activists as I am still not well enough to do crazy things with my body, so I decided to take on a role that put my organising and planning skills … Continue reading Food for Action

Levelling Up

I am determined to get back into a normal eating regimen that includes consuming vegetarian meals at night because it is said to be better for the gut, and helps your liver recover from the heavy processing of meat during the day. That is why I have decided to take part in the 30 Day … Continue reading Levelling Up

10 years of Greening

My favourite online store celebrated 10 years of presence last week, and this got me thinking about my greening journey and where it all started because it was, in fact, finding the Faithful-to-Nature (FTN) website that pushed me down this particular rabbit hole 😉 So as FTN celebrates its successful enterprise and existence, I too … Continue reading 10 years of Greening