Campaign Launch

DStv Premium Ambassador Launch

Whilst working at VWV, a brand experience agency, I was given the opportunity to pitch for an internal marketing launch for DStv. The client wanted to announce a major celebrity endorsement of one of their products and give employees a chance to engage with the campaign before it hit the market. This event had a very tight deadline and was orchestrated within two weeks from the pitch date.

I proposed the winning idea of staging a live-streamed entrance of Gabriel Macht (the actor who plays Harvey Specter on the series, ‘Suits’) into the DStv building and simulating a talk-show style interview with him about the DStv Premium Ambassador campaign that he had just finished shooting in Cape Town.

DStv Premium Ambassador Event

I worked closely with DStv’s Digital Marketing team to come up with a suitable teaser campaign and mailers that would promote the event and get staff to participate in the social media competition to rouse some public interest.

Part of the event activities was to have a photo booth for people to take selfies with Gabriel Macht, and we installed a Social Media Wall to capture the social networking activity of the competition participants on the day.

We arranged coverage of the separate VIP staff meet and greet where each person got to shake hands with Gabriel Macht. The questions submitted via email were answered on stage during Macht’s interview with Video Entertainment Group CEO, Imtiaz Patel and the live audience comprised of approximately 2,000 people.

You can learn more about the making of the adverts and how this event fit in with the greater campaign by viewing the following video.