Corporate Identity Redesign

Greenpeace Africa Logo

As Brand Manager for Greenpeace Africa, I was the custodian of the brand within the global organization. My role entailed strategic brand management and marketing responsibilities, where I managed the consistent and responsible use of the brand for all internal and external marketing and communications. Working within the Engagement division, my role was to ensure that we have an impactful brand story to share at all levels of our campaigning activities.Greenpeace Africa Logo

I was responsible for redesigning the Greenpeace Africa logo during my tenure. This task involved the creation of a new text logo for use on digital media projects and updating the existing logo. The organization’s Visual Identity Manual was revised to include a Style Guide that was developed by the Communications Department, and I created new templates for official business use. I developed marketing collateral in the form of banners, table overlays and press kits for the organization to use during volunteer events, press conferences and media briefings.

Brand inductions were held virtually across all offices to communicate the roll-out of the new logo and marketing materials.

While I was at Greenpeace Africa, I also sat on the task team for a Global Brand Project, which is a project that seeks to look at updating the overall brand guidelines to be more inclusive and representative of the ever-changing needs of a global organization.