Intranet Overhaul and Content Management

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Africa’s Intranet required an overhaul that was conducted in October 2016. The company would be transitioning to a new CMS in 2017 and so the goal of the exercise was to clean up the content clutter, update the menu structure to be more relevant for users, and to make the site easier to navigate and be more visually appealing.

This was not an easy project to manage as I was limited to the use of two staff members in the Marketing team to meet the mammoth task and the deadline was within 3 weeks.

I conducted a content audit and found that there was content dating back to 2012 that needed to be updated. Google Analytics helped me to narrow down the most used pages and sections on the site to help build a new site structure.

I held several brainstorm sessions with different departments in the business to find out which sections of the site would need rewriting and updated copy. I briefed the third-party design team to create new banners for content on the global intranet that needed highlighting on the Africa Intranet homepage.

I presented my rationale for the updated site structure and created a project plan that helped the team work through their tasks section by section. I had to update and reconfigure broken links and proofread the entire site to make sure that there was 100% accuracy across the domain before launch date.

Launch communications also had to be created and communicated to all staff in the various different offices across South Africa. The site overhaul was well received and the project was delivered on time.

WSP PB Intranet