Key Influencer Projects

Defend Water

My role as Brand Manager of Greenpeace Africa entailed strategic brand management and marketing, where I managed the consistent and responsible use of the brand for all internal and external marketing and communications. Working within the Engagement division, my role was to ensure that we have an impactful brand story to share at all levels of our campaigning activities. I also managed the implementation of a Key Influencer strategy for the organization and its campaigns.

I co-led the Storytelling Task Team, which produced a Storytelling Strategic Guidance for Greenpeace Africa, a pilot project supported by Greenpeace International. This Strategic Guidance helped cultivate more effective storytelling within our campaigns and promoted an audience-centric look at crafting new stories with the use of messengers to create compelling campaigns. The guide is a work-in-progress and will assist in adding to the depth, creativity and diversity of the stories we share as a people-powered environmental campaigning organization.

As part of the key influencer strategy, I tested the use of influencers as ”messengers.” I used a variety of mediums to convey the importance of our campaigns to various audiences.

Below is an example of a campaign that we did to highlight the ongoing Water Crisis in Johannesburg, South Africa:

World Environment Day

To mark June 5th, World Environment Day (WED), members of the Water Crisis Response Work team participated in a Water Awareness event at Tlakukani Primary School in Mamelodi, Pretoria, South Africa.

We read the series of Wetlee and Friends cartoons to grade 5 and 6 learners as part of the WED activities. We also introduced the students to a School competition where learners can stand a chance to win a Greenpeace Africa hamper for their creative submissions by telling us how the first cartoon strip should end.

Defend Water

Projekt23, an environmental education organization and Conservation Music who produce songs to raise awareness about various environmental issues in Africa were on hand to play games with the learners and educate them on the need to save water.

South African Music Awards nominee, Tribute ‘Birdie’ Mboweni, is one of our influencers for the water crisis response work. Birdie and Alex Paullin from Conservation Music recorded the chorus to their new collaborative song with the learners at the event.
The song “Protect Our Water” was launched last week and features our #DefendWater graffiti and allowed us to add Alex as an influencer who we hope to work with more in the future as his expedition #K2K continues to Kenya in the coming months.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, the #DefendWater graffiti was featured in the “Protect Our Water” music video that Conservation Music launched to inspire action regarding sociopolitical disputes about the distribution and protection of dwindling clean water resources.

You can also read about the Dance for the Congo campaign that took place during the 2017 Congo Basin Ship Tour, which was a key influencer project that I helped me launch the Programme in Africa.