My Work

I have 14 years of experience in digital marketing and strategic communications with over 8 years spent in managerial roles at various agencies. My passion for writing, people and technology has laid a formidable foundation for my growth and development in digital marketing, brand management, social media marketing, content strategy and influencer-led campaigns.

As a digital marketing strategist, I thrive in immersive environments where I can solve problems, share my ideas and collaborate with others to make a meaningful impact on the business and its customers.

I create plans. I play with words and images. I share knowledge.

My service offering is the ability to think and assess the needs of a business, and to match these to a game plan that makes the best financial and practical sense, and one that can be tracked and managed efficiently. I adopt an adaptive approach that allows for prompt troubleshooting and is fast to anticipate trends for proactive responses.


Learn + Develop + Adapt

The key to how I can help your business in understanding and implementing digital marketing practices is by working smarter, not harder.

I like to get stuck in at all levels of a business to understand how it operates and more importantly to assess the competency of the team before embarking on a brand audit and competitor analysis. I believe that in order for an effective strategy to be implemented, it is important to first understand what type of business I am working to market and to get to know the employees who are at the heart of making things happen for the brand.

These key components set the tone of how work is carried out in-house, and what skills will need to be outsourced for the digital marketing activities to be effective and gather momentum in the long-term. A phased approach is used to coordinate the flurry of marketing activity. I conduct regular reviews and use analytics to give you a line of sight into your marketing spend and how it all comes together to help you achieve your key objectives.


Services Offered


Marketing Strategy

Digital, Content, Social Media, Brand and  Experiential


Research, Planning, SEO Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading,  Interviewing, Management and Implementation

Social Media Marketing

Platform Set-Up, Campaigns, Community  Management, Paid Media, Analytics


Skills Transfer, Brainstorms, Mentoring

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